Jungle – The Heat

Happy New Year to any and all readers of The Eastern Terraces. Whilst there will be far more lengthy and well researched posts coming out as the year progresses, I’d like to follow Gunter’s recent series of lazy video only posts with one of my own. A tune by a relatively recent West London duo entitled ‘The Heat’.

Jungle is made up of Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, known colloquially (albeit less than creatively) as J and T. Formed in 2013, Jungle create what may be described as modern electronic tinged soul music and although I don’t dig all they’ve done, ‘The Heat’ just grows on me more and more with every listen.

The video features members of the British High Rollerz Skate Crew and was released as part of a 4 track EP under the auspices of Chess Club Records.

Check it out below…


I also like the prominent featuring (whether intentional or not) of the WEM speakers at the end. Watkins Electronic Music speakers were a mainstay of British live acts at the end of the 1960s and beginning of the 1970s and are featured extensively in footage from the Blackhill Enterprises free concerts that were held in Hyde Park in 1969 and especially in Pink Floyd’s Live in Pompeii.

Posted by Horatio Cornblower