Just returned from holidays to discover one of my pieces from 2013 about Bernie Cornfeld ( was stolen from here and copied word for word (including all photos, fonts and layout) by a lazy word thief and published as their own. I have written to them via the comments section of their blog and requested its removal and am currently awaiting a response.

I realise it’s the internet and theft may be common, but when you spend considerable time researching and writing an article for no money, it’s quite depressing to have it stolen and credited under other people’s names. In fact it is downright discouraging. The person who stole it and pretended to be its author has another website that says it provides, ” reliable and trustworthy information”, however that obviously does not include the source and origin of the information they provide. I hope that this self styled ‘Author/Publisher’ has the decency to remove my work from their blog immediately. In the mean time, I will keep y’all posted and update/escalate as necessary.

Sadly posted by Horatio Cornblower

P.S. I do want to say ‘thank you’ to those who tipped me off about this. It is sincerely appreciated.


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