Film Review – Talking Headz (A Metalheadz Documentary)

Recently been recapturing halcyon years and getting very much back into drum ‘n’ bass / jungle. Dragging out the old crates, re-spinning classic tunes, researching how to make Reece bass lines and accidently finding documentary’s such as 1998’s Talking Headz directed by Jon Klein.

This film, whilst obviously focused on Goldie’s label, has a broader reach and is more about D’n’B as a whole circa 1998 and its place in the world as seen by the people creating the music and the scene around it. Featuring interviews with luminaries such as Adam F, Doc Scott, Dillinja, Grooverider, Andy C and Ray Keith, the film has a loose structure and veers between scenes at The Blue Note/Metalheadz club, ‘Wormhole’ era Ed Rush and Optical in the studio as well as more farcical scenes of the Metalheadz contingent playing football while Liam and Noel Gallagher watch from the sidelines sipping lager. For me personally, the opportunity to see Lemon D in his studio was worth watching the whole documentary, but others may find it a bit tedious. Interesting in places but meandering nonetheless. Now if they made a documentary like this covering V Recordings, that would be the shiznit.

Written and posted by Horatio Cornblower. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

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