All The Golden Fronts And Golden Era Cali Hip Hop

A friend recently reminded me of the great Viktor Vaughn albums of the early 2000s which prompted me to reminisce in general of my love affair with Californian semi-underground hip hop between 2003 and 2006. Notably the Madlib/MF Doom/Stones Throw axis, but also gems like the above tune from Nobody which was released the ‘Sounds of L.A’ EP back in 2006 and which I still own on vinyl somewhere.

Also worth re-visiting are the following:

Love the Jean Michael Jarre sample and synth horn stabs. Bst tune from that album IMO.

Although this takes a huge chuck of Adormeceu” by O Terço… It’s the best chunk, and that’s what sampling is about.

So many stoner tracks have been made, but this would have to be one of the best.

Great opener from MF Doom’s finest solo work.

Great sloppy MPC work and truly sublime sampling.

Personal fave from the ‘Sound Directions’ album.

There are many more that could be listed, but do yourself a favour and dig a little.

Written and Posted by Horatio Cornblower. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.


1 thought on “All The Golden Fronts And Golden Era Cali Hip Hop

  1. When I saw a track named “Back End”, I thought for a second that Porfirio had returned….

    But seriously, Gunter is now off the leash and his return to these pages is imminent.

    Stay Tuned!!


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