New Album From Boards of Canada

So after eight years, Boards of Canada are finally going to release a new album on 10th June entitled ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ following an easter egg hunt marketing campaign in the record bins of the world.

After trying a slightly different direction on ‘Campfire Headphase’ utilising real instruments and such, they reatreated back to the distorted electronic comforts of ‘Trans Canada Highway’. Hard to say which way this new one is going to go. If the video is anything to go by…evil sounding hard wound 80s analogue synths…which I am very much in favour of.

They have apparently just tweeted “May 22nd 24:00 @ 1-23-10 Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo”, which may signpost a video to be played at the Shibuya crossing video screen that exists just above Tatsuya in Shibuya. If so, it would be the second time they’ve disappointed me by appearing in Tokyo when I wasn’t present. The first and most painful being when they played there about two weeks after I moved…having lived there for several years and soundtracking most my time there with their albums.

This release better be as good or better than the following tunes…

Still got my hardcover picture book CD of this. Was kindly given the above tune on an mix tape style MD by a friend and listened to it repeatedly on a train journey. When I reached my destination, the first thing I did was immediately go to a record store and buy this (then) new album. Then I copped a new skateboard and stumbled into a free rave in Yoyogi Park. Good times.


FYI, skip into 1:42 for the tune proper. <If this clip doesn’t show up, please click on the link. I’ve tried about ten times to post this motherfucker. The link sucks, but it’s really great music>.


Soaring majestically from the beginning of ‘Music Has The Right To Childen’


Pretty much my favourite tune from ‘Twoism’.  Listen to this in the dark with headphones on. It’s the sound of driving through a deserted city.


Such powerful kicks…


For those with patience issues, skip to 5:07 for sublime sounds that considerably more sublime after listening to the previous 5:06.


Great opener from the ‘In a Beautiful Place Out In The Country’ EP.


From Hi Scores

Every one of these holds memories for me and I hope that this next album can add further to the pile. Please don’t let me down Mike and Marcus.

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3 thoughts on “New Album From Boards of Canada

  1. I thought you soundtracked most of your time in Tokyo with old school John Holmes movie soundtracks….with a few spins of NWA’s “Just Don’t Bite It” for variety.

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