A fantastic comeback by L-Vis 1990


Finally caught up with the new L-Vis 1990 EP on Night Slugs.

A couple of years ago I was quite into his “Forever You” EP.  I’m always going to be a sucker for 80s Chi-town style house tracks, so I lapped up cuts like “Do You Remember?”.

After that L-Vis 1990 released his hotly anticipated debut album on a major label. But it was a case of going too pop, too fast. From what I understand the album didn’t get the mainstream success he was expecting either.  Frankly, I can’t be assed to even post any tracks off that album.

After that I pretty much gave up on him, and went on my way thinking that Jam City was by far the most talented of the Night Slugs crew and that maybe the only other one who could hold a candle to him was Bok Bok (I really must do a long post about the greatness of Jam City soon). So even when people started saying some good things about L-Vis 1990’s more recent releases like his entry into the “Club Constructions” series, I couldn’t get motivated  to pay attention.

But finally the amount of praise being heaped on his new “Ballads” EP made me believe that rehabilitation might be at hand. The clincher was when critic after critic asserted that L-Vis 1990 was operating in a Jam City mode now.  I still consider “Classical Curves” to be maybe THE best album of 2012, and was surprised that almost no other producer had been able to pick up that baton and run with it.

And indeed, Ballads has the stamp of Classical Curves-era Jam City all over it. The cover artwork is like a sister piece to the Classical Curves cover. And if you heard this without knowing who the producer was, you would guess Jam City immediately.  But that’s not a bad thing when Classical Curves was so amazing and so few producers have been able to ape it thus far.

Of the three tracks on here, my two favorites are “Ballad 4D” and “Signal”. “Not Mad” is also good, but not quite as engaging and perhaps tainted by having been previously released next to so much mediocre material on the “Night Slugs Allstars Vol. 2” compilation.

To complete the whole conceptual feel of it, Night Slugs made this lovely short promotional video for the EP. I can’t believe that as of writing it only has 887 view on You Tube while some absolute tripe by Skrillex probably has a 1,000,000 views…so check it out.  Some true futurist bizness innit…..

Posted by Gunter Sacks

1 thought on “A fantastic comeback by L-Vis 1990

  1. Great post. ‘Do You Remember’ is BAD ASS.
    I really dig the sounds he’s making on this new EP, but can’t help but feel that Ballad 4D is essentially a 5 minute breakdown. Maybe it’ll take a few more listens to get my head around.
    The promotional video is fantastic! Seems both him and Jam City really seem to dig those 80s basslines… Very reminiscent of Harold Faltermeyer.

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