Gillette Slim Adjustable Safety Razor

Continuing the Bond theme from the last post, I came across one of these being used by Sean Connery in ‘Goldfinger’ (1964) and wound up sourcing and buying a mint 1964 one.

James Bond in Goldfinger

Similar to my recent purchase

Another fine example

They are a truly great razor. Well made, adjustable (from super close to immediate 5 ‘o clock shadow) and ultimately cheaper than modern cartridge razors due to the use of double edged razor blades. A pack of which retails for around $10 – $13 for ten, whereas a set of 6 Schick/Gillette cartridges would be about $16. When you consider the razor blades also last longer than the cartridges do, it’s a great deal.

Various Kinds of Blades

1966 Gillette Slim Adjustable

But it ain’t all about the money. These razors are stylish, feel heavy and encourage you to take more time, care and dare I say enjoyment in your shaving routine. Further, the Slim Adjustable is regarded as one of – if not THE – premier razor(s) ever made available.

I say “ever” as they are no longer made. Gillette produced the Slim between 1961 and 1968 before discontinuing the model in favour of the ‘Super Speed’ and ‘Super Adjustable’. The Slim itself followed in the footsteps of the ‘Fatboy’ which as its name suggests, was thicker and shorter than the Slim. The Fatboy is also a highly regarded razor and discussions about which model reigns supreme have taken up innumerable pages of shaving forums. Indeed, there is a mild cult around these razors as evidenced in the proliferation of websites such as Badger and Blade, the Executive Shaving Company, Art of Manliness and their cohorts which cater for both the discussion and sale of wet shaving supplies.

The Fatboy (1958 – 1961)

Prices for these razors vary, with re-plated mint versions selling for 200 pounds, while knackered E-bay bargains can still be had for $20 US and less. Good, clean examples with paperwork and boxes are obviously more expensive, but can be sourced for around the $60-$90 mark.

When buying keep an eye open to ensure the mechanism works smoothly, the adjustable numbers still have their black paint in them, the dial clicks correctly at each stop and more obviously, how weathered/rusted it appears.

To use them, you simply unscrew the bottom of the handle and the butterfly/silo head opens up, allowing you to drop a single double edged blade on top.  Adjust the dial to choose the aggressiveness of the shave and then re-screw the bottom of the handle to close the silo mechanism again. Having a blade on both sides of the head is also a definite plus, as you don’t have to rinse or shake out the razor as much whilst shaving.

Highly recommended.


The Executive Shaving Company

Badger and Blade

E Bay


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